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Custom Websites

For Permanent Makeup Artist

Websites For Permanent Makeup Artist

Personalized websites just for permanent makeup artist! What makes Nicole Different from other website designers, she is a certified PMU artist. No need to explain each service to her or explain what Permanent Makeup is. Whew, doesn’t that save up some time!

If you build it, they will come.  A site without a lead conversion method is as worthless as a digital painting (this may be over some people’s heads??).   A web site has to have a purpose, there needs to be primary objective.  Without this, you have a lot of wasted traffic.  All of BNB’s websites are built from a user experience perspective, catered precisely to what your audience seeks in such a way that it is irresistible.  We offer whole enchilada.  From strategy to design, development and integration, we got you.  We will even supply stock photos if you need them.



SEO IS SO essential. Never underestimate the power the top in a Google search. We will research optimum keywords, conduct market and competitor analytics, set up your Google property and oh so much more so you can take your place ahead of your competition.


  • Keyword Research Competitor Analysis
  • One Page Optimization ( Title, Meta,etc )
  • 30 Social Profiles Set Uo
  • Local Business Directory Submissions

If the gift of prose eludes, we have writing magicians ready for to take your basic ideas and transform them into clever, readable copy that stands out.  We will do your service descriptions, biography, business background story, FAQs, after-care instructions, even your consents and waivers.

BNB’s websites are distinctive because we design your graphics from scratch to align with your business vibe.  Eye catching, memorable and unique, clickable images that lure browsers deeper into your site, turning tire kickers into testimonials.

Our web design include 10 custom designed pages that allow us to encompass every aspect of your business and your brand, engaging every potential customer in an eclectic journey.

Nicole has designed hundreds of websites, but take a look at her most featured work. Please notes that these websites were tailored. All websites are made to made to fit your exact needs and design style 

Non Ecommerce Websites

Laura Lee – Permanent Makeup

Browtendre – Permanent Makeup

Ino Beauty – Permanent Makeup

Chanda Daniels – Wedding Planner

Mobile Bartender Website

Charee Marnice – Permanent Makeup

Ecommerce Websites

MPressive Faces Permanent Makeup

Savvy Creations – Permanent Makeup

Body By Yashi – Post Op Care






January 6th & January 20th


February 10th & February 24th




Starts at $3,600+

Payment Arrangements are available.

Time frame
2 – 3 Months