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Ombre Brow By Jenny Lind

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If you do not have time  for our in person training, our Ombre Brow Online Training is perfect for those who’s never taken an permanent makeup training and for those who took a microblading or ombre training but would like to perfect their work.  You will go through complete modules and you will have to  to turn in assignments to that will be graded by Jenny Lind in order to pass. This will be no easy task, as we challenge you to produce great work. And not to mention, we will give you full support in our private Facebook group just for our students who have signed up. 

Learn from the comfort of your own home. Although this course is convenient, this does not mean it will be an easy course to pass. Each assignment will be graded by Jenny and she will only approve work that is 100% what she is looking for. 


Complete during your own free time

Skill Level

No experience - Or experienced and wanting to master your technique


Online ONLY - Start Pack NOT INCLUDED

Do I qualify for this course?

 No experience required
You will receive proper guidance on how to master the art of Ombre and build up your confidence before working on a clients . You will also learn how to properly use a machine, how to practice Jenny technique and what to look for while practicing on practice skin 

Color Theory
Learn about pigment, color theory and aftercare so that your future clients have outstanding results. 

Course Breakdown

  • How to create the perfect Ombre Brow from start to finish and how to practice so that you are confident to start working on your future clients
  • Difference between ombre and microblading, Who is the perfect candidate and contraindications,
  • Difference between ombre and microblading, Who is the perfect candidate and contraindications,
  • How do you obtain certification for your BBP
  • BASIC COLOR THEORY Identifying the tone in your pigment, What pigment works best for what skin, How do customize a color, How do a gauge the end HEALED result, How do I pick the right color line for me
  • MAPPING How to map your clients brows easily within a few minutes.
  • Numbing, What happens to the skin when you apply numbing, Prepping your client and the brow before procedure
  • How to prep and clean your station
  • Supplies needed to start. Needles and Machine
  • Aftercare for oily, dry and combination skin

In-Person VS Online

Unlike in person courses where you have to learn a lot of of information within 2, 3 or even a day, this course is here to provide you all the details you need to know, at your own pace and you will have access to this course for 6 months. We understand that sometimes taking an in-person Ombre Brow course can be a little bit overwhelming and too fast. This is why we created this Ombre Brow digital course that virtually feels like a hands-on one-on-one course.


There is no timeframe! You can watch and complete this course whenever you like. You will even have access to this course after you’ve been certified. 

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