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For PMU Artist

This Branding  & Marketing Bootcamp is an impactful experience complete with empowering education, interactive workshops, networking opportunities, and so much more!


Los Angeles

reservation closes Sep 9th

September 29th


New York

reservation closes Sep 20th

October 11th

2 spot left

Buford, GA

reservation closes Oct 6th

October 20th

Only a $100 deposit needed to reserve your spot


The Clean Up

We are going to scan your business and prepare it for a complete makeover. It’s time to get your business where you want it to be

Put It into Play

After we scan and discover who you are marketing too and what will make you stand out, we will put everything into play

Easy Graphics 

We will show you how to use Canva on your phone and schedule all of your social media post for the next 2 weeks! 

Facebook Marketing

After redesigning and cleaning up your business, we will teach you how to use Facebook ads

Instagram Secrets

Want to get lots of engagement and more followers, we will show you how. 

Power Lunch

Make the most of the lunch hour by building connections and collaborative learning.



Learn why you must identify your brand before marketing your business. From then, we will discover your brand that’s unique to your business, learn exactly who you are trying to market to, what they would like to see from your business and you as the business owner. 


Marketing foundation

Once you’ve identified exactly who you are marketing to, it’s time to understand the basic foundations of marketing. How to get your target markets attention through social media and how to develop an effective Facebook ad.


Sales & Strategy

The number one issue many business owners face is how to get sales without being that annoying salesperson. I will give you some simple solutions you can start using immediately that could turn your bookings around.



Learn how to make your own business cards, graphics, and more using Canva on your phone. 



Time to display your business solution to the class. We will review it together and finalizing some goals and how you will complete them after the class. 



Chat with me after the class. I will be staying after to answer any questions you may have and to offer any additional advice.


Marketing | Branding Microblading technician
Marketing | Branding Microblading technician


Brand Discovery

The very first step that should not be missed when developing a business is branding. This key foundation! This section will not only teaching you everything you need to know about branding, but you will also work one-on-one with Nicole Martinez or someone from her team to make sure that your brand revolves around your target market. What does your target market want to see from your business? Nicole Martinez is here to make branding easy. Once you understand this key foundation, everything else falls into place.

Graphics & Web Design

The way you display your business is extremely important. You could be devaluing your service without even knowing it. Display your business with richness and professionalism. Learn how to make graphics such as your business card, aftercare cards, social media flyers and more using Canva. You will also learn how to make an effective and organized website on a WordPress platform.

DIY Website included


First tip, never BOOST a post! I am going to teach you how to create an effect ad that will get you bookings. You will learn how to properly create an ad and how to close the deal.