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Master The Art

This is a 36-lesson curriculum designed to make sure that you have a solid artistic foundation before moving into areola tattooing.

If you already DO areola tattooing and want to have more dynamic results in your work, we fill in the missing elements with this digital class. 

You can take it at your own time, and Stacie-Rae is very present in this class. It is not just watching videos! 


Complete during your own free time

Skill Level

No experience - Or experienced and wanting to master your technique


Online and a book will be mailed to you

Does this course expire?

No, you will have access to this course Indefinitely – NO expiration date

Do I qualify for this course?

This course is perfect for those who are and who are not an Areola Restoration Artist. 

If you are not an areola restoration artist, we recommend that you master your art before taking Stacie – Raes in-person course. Mastering the art of a Nipple tattoo takes month or even sometimes more than a year to do. This course will help you do this.

If you are a certified Areola Restoration Technician and would like to improve your work, this course will help you.

This course will teach you how to draw and use a machine on skin in order to master your work

Student work

Course Breakdown


  • This course is completed during your own time from your computer, phone or laptop
  • What is scar tissue and how do you work with skin that is damaged?
  • Emotional Importance - This service is NOT similar to permanent makeup. The women who you would be serving has been through so much and you need to know how to not only understand them, but be there for them.
  • Breast Reconstructive Surgery
  • Proper Steps On How To Master Your Art & Technique
  • Master Your Nipple Art
  • Pigment
  • Machine "Briefly"

How will this help already certified Areola Restoration Technicians?

if you already DO areola tattooing and want to have more dynamic results in your work, we fill in the missing elements with this digital class.

Not only will you learn new techniques, Stacie Rae will be there to give you her feedback and tell you how to improve so that you are able to pass her Areola Restoration Online Training

How will this help future students who are NOT certified in Areola Restorative Tattoo

  • It will give you a window into the world of breast cancer tattooing that you will not see otherwise
  • Proper guidance on how to master the art before getting in-person training
  • Seeing if this is the right career choice for you
  • Learning the importance of how this art can affect a breast cancer survivor and why practicing is so important before jumping right into working with an actual client
  • How to understanding your client
  • The difference between the cosmetic tattooing and medical tattooing

Behind the Scenes

Giving Mrs. Nicole Martinez Some Tips & Tricks

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Areola Restoration

online training

With Stacie Rae - Master Areola Artist


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