About Nicole | Brand New Beauty | Web Design Company

I guess you could say I have been a serial entrepreneur since the age of 7.   I kind of bypassed the whole lemonade stand idea and catapulted right to door-to-door sales of my own handmade products!  I suppose self-doubt is something I’ve never really suffered from!

Living in south California, while attending high school, I was really lucky to be able to take part in film production as well as take summer acting classes at Pepperdine University.  These were my most significant formative years, because I felt right at home in the world of film…not just in front of the camera, but also behind it.  I soaked in everything from editing and design to directing and photography.  All my interests culminated into an intuitive knack for computers—auto cad, web design, coding, programming, and more.  My inner nerd met up with my creative alter ego and my head became filled with ideas.

However, just as most do, I followed the traditional pattern of life, and got myself a job out of high school, since my 7-year-old entrepreneurial spirit wasn’t quite burgeoning anymore.  Before too long, and just like in the movies, a loss became a life-changing opportunity. 

I was laid off from my job and, rather than jump back into the rat race, I jumped head first into my first business.  Would you believe a Wedding Stationery business?  What’s more, it was an outstanding success!  I got write ups in magazines, accolades over social media and built a solid clientele.  I was pretty blown away. 

Well, as the saying goes, success begets success.  My itchy feet and inner nerd called on me to move on to something new.  That is when I started up A Brand New Beauty.

Here I am today, not yet 30 and running another successful, and rapidly growing enterprise dedicated to helping lady beauty professionals and wedding planners start and grow their own businesses.  

My passion is sharing all the tips and knowledge I garnered while starting and growing my own brands and businesses.  I understand the importance of knowing, and growing, your audience.  I have an ingrained spidey-sense about branding strategy, social media is my wheelhouse, and search engine optimization as just one of the many languages I speak. 

If you are a woman in business, whether starting out, starting over, or looking to grow, let me help.  I will work with you to build a unique brand, develop a wicked social media strategy, engage your ideal clients and nail sales. 

I am about Women In Business.  It is my credo, my passion, my drive, and my own pay it forward way to share what comes most naturally to me so that it becomes a fluid, seamless process for you.  Empowering women who empower others.  How much more flawless can it get? 

Jump on my back ladies, I got you.